How We Do

It's actually cohesive and complimentary. And it all happened quite naturally.

We exchanged a multi-generational commercial printing and advertising background for a Digital Media Group (tribe, etc), and that's when the fun started.

This digital media group led to building a Digital Technology Company (tribe labs, etc) that resulted in acquiring cutting edge technological abilities and developing a fully optimized and scalable server system.

The technological developments bred Internal Startups (Share Cat, etc), as we saw the potential in some of these creations to acquire new customer segments by repackaging and placing them parallel to core operations.

But, there's where it gets really interesting…

Team/Partner Startups (Scorpio Inc) and External Startups (Arcangel) were born.

We realized that with the massive web traffic that we own, plus our extraordinary IT talent and infinitely scaleable server architecture, we could focus on perpetually creating startups by:

  • Lending our startup expertise - startup tools/processes and experiential startup guidance.
  • Lending our web traffic and web user expertise - acquisition, engagement and evangelism.
  • Lending our technological expertise to coach teams and help build MVPs, and beyond.
  • Lending our server environment that can scale to infinity, to support early or quick traction.
  • Lending our cash, where required and beneficial to both parties.
  • Lending our core business processes, such as admin, accounting, and legal, to promote clearer focus on the startup itself.
  • Offering professional mentorship and/or personal development sessions to founders.

As you can probably tell, we're having fun. If you'd like to join our fun, please reach out and tell us your story. We'd love to hear it.

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Helping people locate their tribe. Find, assemble, connect and grow tribes.

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Bold The Book

BOLD spells out how to spy the opportunities and put vision into action, blazing a path from mind to market.

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Weekdone provides insights into your team, tracking performance and compiling daily and weekly summaries

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Ari Meisel

An entrepreneur who co-founded the Less Doing, working on making tasks in life and business more efficient.

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Who We Are

I have done nothing. Here's a bit of what we have done, and what we have become:

We are an online technology company. We are an digital advertising company. We are angel investors. We are advisors to technology and advertising companies. We are incubators. We are a perpetual stream of startup businesses. We are entrepreneurs. We are intrapreneurs. We are social change agents. We are broad, but we are focused. Browse our initiatives below and feel free to connect with us.



Helping people locate their tribe. Find, assemble, connect and grow tribes.


The digital advertising marketplace. Buyers and sellers trading directly via programmatic performance.


Exponential advertising technology, powered by highly curated and awesome advertisers and publishers.

tribe Labs

Our development entity and enviroment for all of our ad technology. It is utilized by AdManager and it's partners.


A fiery technology and exclusive media company that innovates in the performance marketing space and beyond.

Share Cat

A URL shortener system that allows it's members to share content and get paid to do so, on a CPM basis.



Accelerates businesses that disrupt systems of control. This Accelerator is open to public applications.


Igniting the exponential revolution, by enabling founders to create infinite potential with their startups

tribe Incubator

Incubates ad technology businesses. Incubation services available to our team members and our online media partners.

Agile Life

An interactive project where James Wallace invites feedback and questions while writing his book, The Agile Life.


Furthering Causes by aligning The People with The Resources. Propelrs file causes. Fuelers offer Mind, Muscle or Money.


Social Banking. Converging physical and virtual economies, on top of a social network, inside online consumer banking.