My Story

I'd prefer to talk about you, or you and I. Forced to talk exclusively about myself here, this is what I have to say:

I've always been a seeker - a seeker of new information and "truth". I realized that about the same time as I noticed everyone was habitually lying, about literally everything. In response to all these lies, I started asking a lot of "controversial" questions, not just to be controversial, but simply because those were the most interesting questions (If Adam and Eve had two sons, how was the third generation created? That question will get you kicked out of Sunday school fast, by the way). I was surprised at the instantaneous rage I received in response to these simple and innocent questions. What I discovered was, people get really mad when you point out their lies, or contradictions in statements (i.e. lies that are not conscious/intentional).

I began my "spiritual" journey at age 10, my business career at age 11 and my travel adventures at age 17. Every day since I've invested heavily in all three. I've asked a lot of questions, listened to a lot of bullshit, but found (my) truth; mostly because I asked questions until I heard something that actually made sense, then held on loosely to that sensible idea and built on it by asking even more questions.

My first international business was at age 11, first storefront opened at age 17, and I've owned/operated about 40 other businesses since. I've been involved in digital media for over ten years, and the family's been in offline publishing for over one hundred years. I've had more failures than successes. More of our businesses succeed now however; mostly due to the learning from those failures.

Originally, I had ink in my veins as an offline commercial printer, but I've since exchanged that for silicon. Emerging technologies (3D printers), virtual connectivity (, decentralization (Bitcoin), utilizing unused resources (Airbnb), etc, etc, etc, and all the other technology/systems that exist and will soon be created are what propel me up and out of bed with a smile on my face and a fire in my belly.

Many of our companies will fail. However, we know that is necessary to getting to the few that will change the world for the better. That is our focus. That is our objective.

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Helping people locate their tribe. Find, assemble, connect and grow tribes.

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Bold The Book

BOLD spells out how to spy the opportunities and put vision into action, blazing a path from mind to market.

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Weekdone provides insights into your team, tracking performance and compiling daily and weekly summaries

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Ari Meisel

An entrepreneur who co-founded the Less Doing, working on making tasks in life and business more efficient.

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I have done nothing. Here's a bit of what we have done, and what we have become:

We are an online technology company. We are an digital advertising company. We are angel investors. We are advisors to technology and advertising companies. We are incubators. We are a perpetual stream of startup businesses. We are entrepreneurs. We are intrapreneurs. We are social change agents. We are broad, but we are focused. Browse our initiatives below and feel free to connect with us.



Helping people locate their tribe. Find, assemble, connect and grow tribes.


The digital advertising marketplace. Buyers and sellers trading directly via programmatic performance.


Exponential advertising technology, powered by highly curated and awesome advertisers and publishers.

tribe Labs

Our development entity and enviroment for all of our ad technology. It is utilized by AdManager and it's partners.


A fiery technology and exclusive media company that innovates in the performance marketing space and beyond.

Share Cat

A URL shortener system that allows it's members to share content and get paid to do so, on a CPM basis.



Accelerates businesses that disrupt systems of control. This Accelerator is open to public applications.


Igniting the exponential revolution, by enabling founders to create infinite potential with their startups

tribe Incubator

Incubates ad technology businesses. Incubation services available to our team members and our online media partners.

Agile Life

An interactive project where James Wallace invites feedback and questions while writing his book, The Agile Life.


Furthering Causes by aligning The People with The Resources. Propelrs file causes. Fuelers offer Mind, Muscle or Money.


Social Banking. Converging physical and virtual economies, on top of a social network, inside online consumer banking.